Time, precious time!

That is the truth Maestro!  I posed for a photograph on my roof a year ago—I knew it would be the promo shot for my 2015 Birthday Cabaret.  Challenges prevented me from working on the show, but I was determined to honor that commitment to myself.  Fast forward to September when I actually started writing, only to be challenged again by another life altering event.  Luckily, I had a great team in place: MY maestro, John Johnson, my writing coach, Ruthy Otero and my director, Celine Rosenthal.  It takes a village!

Rehearsals began 9/28, with a script in need of rewrites and music needing to be arranged.  A plan yes, time…NO!  Sheer will can make the impossible happen.

Two days to go. Join me if you can. 

October 12, 9:30 PM for Captain MJ’s Fantastic Journey.

Tickets: www.lauriebeechmantheatre.com