The Olympics are always an inspiring time for me. I marvel at the perseverance of these elite athletes, the dedication to their training regimens, the mental preparation to maintain focus in a high-pressure environment, and the passion for their sport.


I also admire their steely determination when they fall or make a mistake; I mean after all, they are human.  But time and time again they stand back up, take a breath and pick up where they left off.  Even if they don’t win a medal, they are still Olympians—no one can ever take that away from them.  If they continue to train and don’t loose their passion, they can come back in four years and compete again.


Actors-what do you do when you don’t “medal”?


We have the same passion for performing, we train extensively, and we know deep inside that we are built for our sport.  But there isn’t the equivalent title of “Olympian” to hold on to, to take pride in after we don’t book that important gig.   After you’ve been in final callbacks for a Broadway show/major film/TV pilot and don’t book it, no note goes on your resumé.  Perhaps the casting office and creatives will put you on the short list for the next project you are right for. Your friends and loved ones remind you how amazing it was that you “got that far”.  Your agent consoles you with the predictable platitude: “they went in another direction”.


So how do we stand back up, take a breath and pick up where we left off? PRACTICE