I'm a writer!

It has been so interesting writing this show.  While writing is viewed as a solitary enterprise,  my collaborators have brought it to life.

Ruthy Otero, “storytelling goddess”, challenged me to present dramatic conflict, not just a Hallmark card.  My dramaturge/director, Celine Rosenthal, clarified the moment to moment work, and then made certain that the sum of those moments equaled the arc of the story.

Note to self:  when wearing my “writer’s hat” in rehearsal--trust the writer. The actor/musician will always muddy the work.  Please don’t see this comment as a slight to the contributions of actors/musicians, but they (WE) desperately want to bring their own experiences to the work, to personalize it.   But the story belongs to the writer, and the rest of us  need to honor that (myself included).

Less than one week to go.  Back to rehearsal.  MJ